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Taking Matters Into Our Own Hands

Still, hard-headed and stubborn as ever, he couldn’t go down without a fight. So, he did what all San Diegan small businesses were doing at the turn of the digital age—SEO and online ads. Sadly, many of the so-called “experts” they looked to did little more than chew up their hard-earned dollars, producing little to no ROI in the process.

Perhaps you’ve had a similar experience …

This is where Local Vital’s founder comes back into the picture. Broken by the sight of a dad who’d given the world of small, local businesses all he had, he decided to take a more proactive role, learning everything he could about SEO and digital marketing. Putting their heads together, they were able to adapt, survive and thrive—they’d finally found the winning formula.

Allow Us to Share Our Digital Expertise With You

Today, we have access to that same formula, and use it on a daily basis to help small businesses both inside and outside of San Diego generate leads, convert potential customers and make money—no tricks, gimmicks or “snake oil” required.

Needless to say, if you’re interested in your small business becoming all that it can be, feel free to tell us about it—we’ve helped countless businesses just like yours, and can help you, too.